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Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
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"SPEEDA is part of the team"
Case study of the introduction of SPEEDA at Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Fujifilm is expanding its business in three fields - healthcare, materials and imaging by leveraging the technology and experience it has accumulated in photographic film. To improve the quality of people's lives and achieve a sustainable society, we are solving problems in every field every day.

With the economic information platform SPEEDA, the company conducts research on industries and technologies for new business development. How do you use SPEEDA to effectively gather information to explore new areas in the Chinese market where information and decision-making is fast? AKIHITO AMAO, China legal representative of Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd., head of Functional Materials GP at Innovation Centre, answered these questions.

      The Innovation Centre will be dedicated to the development of new businesses, with the mission of "contributing to the creation of new businesses and becoming a front-line base for the development of the Chinese market".
      By making full use of this support desk, we can reduce the time needed to gather information, freeing up time for more value-added activities such as strategy formulation.
      The charm of SPEEDA is its ability to outsource bespoke surveys and gather comprehensive information instantly.
      The initial survey is more cost effective than using a survey company.
      The use of SPEEDA is being actively promoted throughout the sector in order to improve the efficiency of information collection.

Seek Innovation in a Wider Range of Fields, Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Q: Please tell us about your business.

Mr. AKIHITO AMAO(hereinafter referred to as Mr. AMAO): The business of Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd. covers 5 major fields: high-performance materials, health care, printing, optical device and imaging. Wide varieties of commodities are available in the company, and currently it focuses on developing products, technologies and services that can solve China's social problems such as the imbalance of medical resources and ecological protection.

As the photography industry has gone digital, the prices of photographs and films have fallen dramatically. Having experienced many adversities and having overcome many obstacles, the Innovation Center has been working with research institutes and business units in Japan to develop new business every day in terms of expanding its high-performance materials business, with the mission of "contributing to the creation of new business as the front line of expanding the Chinese market."

Fujifilm Committed to Diversification Strategy

Q: What are you working on when running business in the Chinese market?

Mr. AMAO: In recent years, the former Fuji Xerox was renamed Fuji Film Business Innovation, and the imaging diagnostic business acquired from Hitachi Production was added to the Fuji Film Group under the name of Fuji Film Health Care. In this case, in order to create synergy in different fields, horizontal cooperation through All-Fujifilm will increase efficiency.

The Innovation Centre is made up of five members. The Innovation Center has five members. On the one hand, the center is responsible for the initial stage of marketing, promoting high-performance materials developed in Japan to new customers in the Chinese market. On the other hand, we will collect the demand of newly contacted Chinese enterprises and promote it to Japan, matching needs and seeds.

The high-performance materials that we deal with include materials for autonomous driving, ICT in China, the environment, and the electric vehicle sector. It is also possible to solve this problem by combining technologies that we do not have, so we are also looking for partners.

In 2020, we established Open Innovation Hub Shanghai Satellite in our Shanghai office, which will actively promote communication with our customers in order to make new discoveries and provide a venue where we can have direct access to our technologies and products.

In the field without cognition, it is important to make the most of thinking time by collecting information more efficiently

Q: What problems will you meet in the process of developing new areas in China?

Mr. AMAO: Before using SPEEDA, we spent a lot of resources gathering information. Typically, the projects undertaken by the Innovation Center are mostly in new areas where the company has no existing business at the present. Not only technical information, but also common knowledge of the industry, we also need to explore the general knowledge of the unknown.

In addition, information in Chinese needs to be accessed in Chinese, so it is not easy to gather information. Of course, local staff can be accessed in Chinese, but their information gathering skills are not professional. Improving members' information-gathering capabilities is also a challenge.

At the same time, it is important to think about how to move forward and what we can do to develop new areas based on market trends. If you only spend time on gathering information, there will be less time for thinking, which will reduce your productivity. Therefore, it is important to be more efficient in gathering information and creating time to think about your core business.

Q: What are the benefits of using SPEEDA?

Mr. AMAO: Since I started using SPEEDA's support desk., I have been able to reduce the time it takes to gather information and work more efficiently, which gives me more time to think. In terms of language, SPEEDA has been very valuable as it provides access to information in Chinese in Japanese. This has also improved the ability of local members to gather information, which in turn has improved the operation efficiency of the whole department.

The Time and Efficiency of Information Gathering has been Greatly Reduced. The Support Platform is one of the Major Attractions of the Chinese Version of SPEEDA.

Q: How do you use SPEEDA in your general business?

Mr. AMAO: We outsource this as desktop research for new business. Unlike the Japanese market, Chinese customers make decisions very quickly. Therefore, it is important to get the latest information quickly and use it to make recommendations.We use SPEEDA to gather information quickly.

SPEEDA's industry reports contain a large amount of information about the markets and technologies that have been formed, so it is very useful when you want to get a rough idea of buzzwords such as smart home. In addition, we can combine the information gathered through SPEEDA to create profiles.

If you don't see the latest information in the report, please contact Support Desk.

Cutting-edge information that is not reflected in industry reports, even press articles and white papers issued by countries and companies, can be commissioned through the customer service department.

As for the last enquiry, I received not only overview information but also detailed information and examples of seminars that I could refer to, which was very useful. I immediately attended the seminar where the information was provided and all the information provided was used effectively.

Q: What are the features of the SPEEDA Support Desk?

Mr. AMAO: In fact, when I was introduced to SPEEDA's Support Desk, I initially envisaged it as a generic troubleshooting reception, but in fact this greatly exceeded expectations.

The high reliability of the professional consulting service within the reception also appealed to us. I’m also using SPEEDA in Japan, but the biggest advantage of the Chinese version of SPEEDA is that it can search for information outside of SPEEDA.

To be honest, employing a research company is expensive and time consuming, but SPEEDA's Support Desk can give you quick access to cutting edge information. For us, SPEEDA Support Desk is like a member of the team or a dedicated researcher.

We are encouraging our team members, including local members, to actively use the desk. The other day, we held a SPEEDA instruction session in order to consolidate the use of the customer service reception.

Q: What’s your future prospects for the business?

Mr. AMAO: As we develop new business, we will outsource information gathering to SPEEDA and thus we will be able to find more time to think . The ideal approach in driving new business development is to create an organization that is more capable of thinking and driving both individually and as a team. It is hoped that SPEEDA's support department will continue to help with the development of new business.

Q: If there is anything you would like to pass on to other companies who are considering adopting the system, please let us know.

Mr. AMAO: In order to fully collect primary information, a certain level of information gathering skills is required. But with SPEEDA you can outsource bespoke surveys and collect comprehensive information immediately. That's why we recommend it to companies that need these resources.

Not only can it be used as a tool, but it also provides very complete information gathering support, which we believe will be welcomed by many companies.

SPEEDA is much more cost-effective than adding new resources for survey purposes, or using a survey company for initial surveys, so companies that have cost-cutting and business efficiency as a topic should definitely do so. How about trying to think about importing?

Thank you!

Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
(China Legal Representative)


Fujifilm Investment Co., Ltd. utilizes the technology and experience it has accumulated in film to operate in three areas: health care, materials, and imaging. We contribute to solving problems in a variety of fields every day in order to improve people's quality of life and achieve a sustainable society.

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Mechanical and electrical

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Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
(China Legal Representative)


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