Satisfaction Rating of the Co-facilitating Webinar with Accenture is 4.8/5

Co-hosting a DX Webinar with Accenture in the Post-Coronavirus Era

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Satisfaction rating on the webinar was 4.8/5 Approximately 10% to 20% of the companies participating in the survey asked us for advice.

An example of a webinar co-hosted with Accenture

Accenture is a comprehensive consulting firm that has grown rapidly in recent years. It is a multinational company with clients all over the world and a proven track record in many IT and software projects.

To support Japanese and Chinese companies entering the Chinese market, the firm is focusing on business development in China, particularly based on DX-related projects after the coronavirus outbreak.

To get this right, we held a webinar for Japanese companies in China and worked with the user base as partners. We sat down with Managing Director Bin Yue to discuss the background to the programme, the results of the webinar and what the future holds.

      Accenture, a comprehensive consulting company that has continued to grow rapidly in recent years.
      The company, which focuses on business development in the Chinese market, wants to share DX technology and case studies with local Japanese companies.
      Therefore, we held a webinar with the post-Coronavirus DX user group.
      It turned out that a total of 240 companies participated in the survey, which received a 4.8/5 satisfaction rating, with 10% - 20% of the participating companies contacting us as well.

Number of DX Cases Has Increased Due to the Coronavirus. Accenture Supports Enterprise DX "End-to-End"

Q: Please tell us about your business and your current position.

Bin Yue (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Yue): In the fast-growing Chinese market, Accenture is focused on providing our global assets to Chinese companies and others operating in the Chinese market.

Our operation department works with our consulting team not only to advise clients but also to implement specific business. This is because clients are often faced with situations where they want to do it by themselves but do not have the know-how or assets. In such cases, we form a team with external experts and work with the clients to solve the problem. There are also cases where joint ventures are set up.

I came to China in the autumn of 2020, and before that I was doing operations and leading webinars in Japan. Our webinars in Japan were very popular, we could hear voices from many participants and we were able to create a forum to discuss a variety of topics.

Q: What has happened to business development in China after the new crown pneumonia outbreak?

Mr. Yue: Digital transformation (DX) has become a major theme. The keyword "DX" is being used more and more frequently, but I think there are many cases where the essence of DX is misunderstood. Creating a new industry through DX, rather than simply improving operational efficiency, is not understood and not put into practice by many companies. That's why our company proposes to think together to implement DX and provide support that extends to operations. This is called an "end-to-end" strategy. At our China site, we have announced that we are a DX support partner and we have actually started working with local Chinese companies and Japanese companies at their China sites.

Accenture's Brand Recognition Among Japanese and Chinese Companies

Q: Can you give us some background to the webinar in China?

Mr. Yue: We would like to share our DX technology and case studies with local Japanese companies. However, there are very few people in China who speak Japanese, and events like webinars have been limited until now. When I arrived in China, I decided to use the skills I had developed in Japan to hold a webinar in China. "What challenges will Japanese companies face when entering the Chinese market?" "How do we create a market with DX?" "How can we improve productivity and efficiency?" This is what we want you to learn in the webinar.

Co-hosting with User Base, Sharing Assets and know-how with a Wider Range of Companies

Q: How do you choose your partners for your seminars in China?

Mr. Yue: At the beginning, we compared it to companies outside our user base. Our emphasis was on whether we had a database on Japanese companies in China. We have a lot of lists of Japanese companies, including some big ones, but as the agenda was about DX after the coronavirus outbreak, it was important for us to make it known to a wider range of companies.

So I suggested to the user group that we hold a webinar together. It was mutually beneficial to share our assets and know-how with the companies on the user list. In fact, in the third session of the webinar we had a presentation from the user base.

A Total of 240 Companies Participated in the Webinar, Which were Divided into Three Sessions.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the webinar?

Mr. Yue: I gave three lectures on the ecosystem in the post-coronavirus era. Specifically, the lectures were based on the priority of the problems faced by Japanese companies. Firstly, it is difficult to grow revenue. Secondly, costs are high. The third is regulation compliance and governance.

In the first part, we described our operations. We presented more specific solutions to each of the three problems. In the second part, we presented DX case studies from companies that have successfully addressed the problems posed by the new coronavirus outbreak. In the third part, we discussed how to use the coronavirus disaster ecosystem, how to get to market as quickly as possible in a fast-changing pace and what operations specifically should be created.

Q: How many companies participated in the webinar?

Mr. Yue: In each of the three conferences, an average of 80 companies attended, a total of 240 companies. It was mainly the user base and Accenture's clients. In addition, as this seminar is open to the public, users outside of existing clients also attend.

Satisfaction with the Webinar was 4.8/5. Approximately 10% to 20% of the Companies that Participated in the Webinar had Inquiries

Q: How did the participating companies respond?

Mr. Yue: As it was held online, we were able to determine the number of people who watched till the end. The response from participating companies was very good, with the number of companies watching going up each time.

This trend is also reflected in the survey results. Finally, the satisfaction rating was 4.8 out of 5. This is not only due to the inclusion of what Japanese companies want to know, but also because of the use of videos and the presentation of specific cases.

Q: What results have you achieved in terms of increasing your company's visibility and marketing?

Mr. Yue: For this webinar, it was important for the participating companies to understand our assets and know-how and we hadn’t expected much from the marketing results.

However, it has been more effective than expected and we have received several enquiries from companies. About 10-20% of the participating companies contacted us, and thus about 8-16 companies contacted us per webinar. We are currently following up and plan to convert about 10% of the enquiries into projects.

Q: What trends did you see in this webinar?

Mr. Yue: As the agenda of the webinar included quite specific operational cases, we received quite a number of specific inquiries. As a result, the follow-up and handling of such inquiries went very smooth.

"I think the user base knows our customers very well."

Q: What was your overall impression on the webinar?

Mr. Yue: The first thing we felt when we held this event with our user base was the speed of response. As we have held many events before, the communication with the exhibitors was quick and solid. Also, instead of using our company's difficult language directly, we communicated to our customers in a more understandable way, which left a good impression on them. I think that this is because the user base knows our customers very well.

Create New Success Stories and Share Their Know-how Through Webinars

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Mr. Yue: Our company's goal is to become a partner for our clients' DX business. In a sense, the opportunity for DX promotion has arrived, not only for Japanese companies, but also for Chinese companies and global companies. Of course, other consulting companies are also working on this, but we will use our strengths to provide reliable support from design to operation.

Q: How do you plan to lead webinars in the future?

Mr. Yue: Through the experience of this webinar, I would like to explore the current situation of Japanese companies and create new case studies. Then I’ll invite you to come to the stage as a new success case and talk about your experience before and after DX to make this webinar more convincing. As a result of it, we can offer appropriate solutions to our customers' troubles.

Thank you!

Accenture Japan Ltd.


A comprehensive consulting company that has continued to grow rapidly in recent years. Dedicated to the development of its business in China, the company offers a wide range of services and solutions in the four areas: "Strategy & Consulting", "Interaction", "Technology" and "Operations". The company offers a wide range of services and solutions in four areas: "Strategy & Consulting", "Interactive", "Technology" and "Operations".

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Accenture Japan Ltd.

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