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Public And Private Company Data

In addition to global coverage of public listed companies, Speeda provides extensive coverage of private companies information in Asia, specifically Japan and China region. Users can easily screen for companies by defining parameters, such as location, industry classification, financials and keywords.

Proprietary Industry Reports

Speeda's industry research reports provides users with fundamental understanding of hundreds of industries ranging from major to niche sectors, including new tech-focused trends. The reports, which are organised by country (Asia-focused), are logically structured to cover key information such as market size, value chain, key regulations, competitive landscape and more.

Trend Report

Our structured and comprehensive Trend Reports help users stay abreast of global technology trends that are driving the shifts in the business landscape today. Equipped with essential knowledge such as monetisation, regulatory framework and future prospects, users can apply them effectively in their business and strategy planning.

Other Features

Access to historical and current M&A and fundraising deals, with advanced filter options to create deal list by defining parameters such as deal type, deal size, deal parties, amongst others. Our News function allows users to monitor news and identify emerging business opportunities.


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