Smart Mobility: Singapore’s Transport Revolution

 Countries across the globe have been forced to combat the impact of urbanisation on its transportation landscape. This includes the rise in the number of vehicles deployed on roads, which in turn has contributed to high levels of traffic congestion and pollution, given that expansion of the road network has not kept pace.

 Growing vehicle levels has particularly created a strain on Singapore’s transport system. Unlike its global peers, expansion of Singapore’s road network has not been deemed a viable solution to tackling this challenge, given the country’s high road density and limited land space. Consequently, Singapore has actively sought to implement various solutions to overcome this challenge. This includes enhancement of its public transport sector, by improving its bus capacity in addition to expanding the country’s railway lines. The country has simultaneously focused on curbing private vehicle ownership in the country, by making private transport less affordable.

 Despite the measures already taken, the country has not stopped pursuing strategies to improve its transport system further. Going forward, Singapore aims to make its transport system ‘smarter’ through the incorporation of technological solutions. As such, the country is seeking out ways to implement innovative and interactive smart mobility solutions, such as advanced data collection technologies and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) telematics. Singapore’s move towards embracing smart mobility is expected to present an array of opportunities for many stakeholders, such as technology developers, broadband providers and public transport operators. On the other hand, certain industries such as car dealerships and fuel suppliers, may face adverse consequences.


Report Index

  • Executive Summary
  • What Drives the Need for Smart Mobility in Singapore?
  • What Steps has Singapore Already Taken on its Path to Achieving Smart Mobility?
  • What Are Singapore’s Future Plans Towards Achieving its Smart Mobility Goals?
  • Smart Mobility: Who Benefits and Who Loses Out?

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